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A study for the whole family!

We’re looking for a wide range of demographics to check out some new tech, so grab your friends, family – everyone in your bubble! The best part? You all get to participate together and earn incentives for your time!

– Sessions start today!
– $500 incentive per adult
– $250 incentive per minor participant

Work or school causing you to hop across multiple devices? Whatever your reason, your experiences across those platforms provides the perfect feedback for an upcoming study!

– May 6th
– 2.5 hour session
– Remote study
– $200 incentive


Help grow the community of players that share your passion by shaping the future of game design!

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There are a lot of gaming studies on the horizon and we need Greater Seattle area gamers to give feedback!

These studies vary from playtests to watching trailers to testing hardware and everything in between. There is always an incentive and it typically ranges between $25-300!

If you’re interested in participating in upcoming gaming studies, take our quick Gamer survey so we can best match you with studies that are up your alley.


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