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Students, your feedback is needed! Join an upcoming usability study and help researchers build the online tools that will support education in the digital space!

– June 23rd-25th
– 1 hour sessions
– Remote Study
– $75 incentive


If you use any kind of accessibility option, your feedback is essential!

Sign up and be part of a panel that uses that feedback to build the systems needed to make gaming approachable to everyone.

Let’s make games more accessible to every type of player!

Today more than ever there are games for every type of player. To help grow the community and shape the future of game design, sign up and take part in a variety of studies that match your interests!

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It’s beautiful inside, too!

We have a big summer of game studies and it all starts with our Biome Panel! Take our survey link below so we know what games you love, and we can pair you with the perfect study or playtest happening in the next few months.

Games, feedback, good times – all from the comfort of your own home!

Always a good time to learn something new, do you agree?

If you have a tech-related certification, or have an interest in some new skills, join our Learning Panel for exclusive study opportunities!

Panel sessions will be remote, so future studies will happen from the comfort of home!

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There are a lot of gaming studies on the horizon and we need Greater Seattle area gamers to give feedback!

These studies vary from playtests to watching trailers to testing hardware and everything in between. There is always an incentive and it typically ranges between $25-300!

If you’re interested in participating in upcoming gaming studies, take our quick Gamer survey so we can best match you with studies that are up your alley.

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All of us use technology in our day-to-day lives. Why not take the opportunity to share your thoughts with the people who create it? Go behind the scenes with our researchers to give feedback on improvements for existing products, test exciting new and upcoming products, and influence the way technology shapes our future. Plus, as a thank you for your feedback, there’s typically an incentive!